Friday, 3 November 2017

Spousal Support – Things You Need To Know

Divorce is always a painful process. However, when the situation demands it, you follow the procedure. When you decide on getting a divorce, there are a lot of things which you need to understand you should be ready face the consequences. You can get the family law information from As per, most of the couple should go through the country’s law procedure before filing for a divorce. What all things you need to know about spousal support. Let us have a look at that information or what the law says about it.
As per the Federal Divorce Act, when there are huge differences in income between the spouses when they get separated, then a spousal support should be paid. It can vary in different cases. If one among the two is having a much lower income compared to the other person, then the court can decide that the person with lower income does not need to pay spousal support. The same goes with the assets also.  If the court finds that one party has a lot of assets but less income, they will decide that the party should pay the spousal support. The spouse is bound to obey whatever the verdict is. They can counter file if they do not agree to what the judges have decided.
When you separate, then you are not entitled to get the spousal support. This will completely depend on the years of the marital status. If the couple has lived together for more than three years, then they are entitled to get the spousal support. The judges will consider a lot of factors before they give their verdict on spousal support. The financial status of both the spouses is quite important in taking a decision. The number of years they have lived together, like said above is a crucial factor.
If you have children, the judges will decide who will take care of the children. They also make it clear that the one’s legal obligation should not get affected in supporting the other spouse. The judge holds the authority to decide who will pay for the child’s expense. Child support is given equal importance like spousal support so that the child should not get affected because of the divorce. Neither of the spouses holds the obligation to give support to their children.
The law gives the freedom for the child to decide about whom they would like to live with. If the parent with a lower income gets the child’s support, the other person should pay the spousal support. The judges will consider every factor that can get affected due to the divorce before they give their verdict. The law also allows filing a case after the divorce if the spousal support or the child support is not given by the other party. So, when you file for a divorce, take ample time to think about the consequences you have to face. It is better to sit and solve the issues, rather than getting divorced and living a separate life.

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