Saturday, 25 March 2017

Benefits Of Volunteering

Haven’t you felt wonderful seeing a smile on a person’s face who you have just helped? Giving your precious time for other people is something that you see very rarely. Even in today’s world, you will see some people who think volunteering is a waste of time and energy, as they don’t see any benefits for themselves in it. But people who are broad minded will never think only about themselves but will also think about the betterment of others. Either helping in building a house or clearing their field, you get to bring happiness in other people’s lives.
Now, in many places like Costa Rica volunteers are found doing various jobs like teaching English or sports, giving a helping hand at an orphanage or daycare centre and many more. According to, there has been an increase in kids opting for volunteer works. This can be due to the fact that, volunteer works can bring about lots of benefits to the volunteers also.
Now, let’s find out how you can benefit by helping others.
·         Job Opportunities
By volunteering, you get to learn new skills and also develop your existing skills. As you are putting your time and talent on something that doesn’t give you any benefit, this would be considered as a good quality and would strengthen your resume.  Other companies looking for volunteers would have complete faith in you and may even offer you a job.
·         Learning New Things
While volunteering, you get the chance of exploring things and learning something new. For example, if you are needed for helping a family, who needs you to repair their home, then you first need to learn how to use the tools which are needed for repairing. In some place, you will be needed to raise awareness on certain issues, but first you need to learn how you can make the people understand the importance of that issue.


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